Clubs and Independent Student Organizations

Clubs and Independent Student Organizations


Clubs and Independent Student Organizations at Cal Poly provide opportunities that incorporate instruction, scholarship, and service in a Learn by Doing environment. Students, staff, and faculty partner to apply theory to practice by competing in national competitions, addressing global issues, and serving the community at large. The Clubs and Independent Student Organizations' hands-on approach develops leadership skills, enhances social growth, and complements the academic curriculum.

Core Values

Participation in student clubs provide relevant and desirable outcomes including: intellectual growth, effective communication, realistic self-appraisal, enhanced self-esteem, clarified values, career choices, leadership development.

Club involvement identifies and promotes healthy behaviors, meaningful interpersonal relationships, independence, collaboration, social responsibility, satisfying and productive lifestyles, appreciation for diversity, spiritual awareness, and achievement of personal and educational goals.

Fun Facts

With an average of 325 Student Clubs and Independent Student Organizations annually Cal Poly has one of the largest and most successful club systems in the California State University system!

The Dean of Student’s office provides oversight of Cal Poly Clubs and Independent Student Organizations. Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) coordinates process functions for clubs including; Starting a Student Organization, Club Chartering and Roster Processing, Club Finance and Accounting, Club Funding and the Event Planning process.

A more detailed list of ASI functions and services can be found at the following location

Clubs | ASI - Cal Poly   

For Student Clubs traveling on University Business use the travel forms below

Travel CT-1--Travel Request (pdf) - one per event
Travel CT-2--Roster (pdf) - one per event
Travel CT-3--Emergency Card (pdf) - one for EACH participant
Travel CT- 4a/b--Travel Plan (pdf) - one per event
Travel CT-5--Sign Out (pdf) - print and leave blank
Release Agreement

Driver Forms

The following forms contain confidential employee information. Completed forms must be handled pursuant to the Cal Poly Information Classification and Handling Standard.

These records must be retained and disposed according to the CSU Records / Information Retention and Disposition Schedule, which can be found at this link.

Volunteer Identification Form (pdf)
Use of Privately Owned Vehicle (pdf)
Request to Operate State Vehicle (pdf)

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